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Horoscope Egyptian what is yours?


Probably have read or heard many times about the different types of horoscopes that exist in the world. Among the famous, are the Western horoscope, Chinese and even the Maya, but have you ever seen the Egyptian horoscope?
The Egyptian horoscope, is simply the set of 12 gods, representing the characteristics of a man to maintain a balance within the earth.
Each god is a feature within the life and thus acted within this plane to ensure proper operation and order.
Know your horoscope sign within the Egyptian:

Signs that make this horoscope are 12 and these are:

- Osiris: Between 16 October and 15 November.

They are very strong, consistent and persistent. They have very genuine feelings tend to strive for their dreams at all costs. In love, couples demanding mentally strong, beautiful and intelligent.
- Bastet: Between January 16 and February 15. They are people with a high sense altruistic, noble persons of great piety and goodness. In love, you tend to be very free, so that the bonds represent a big mess.
- Selket: Between 16 February and 15 March. They are people of great fluidity mental logic, people with great charm. In love, they need to rely on a protective partner, which guarantees all, is there only surrender to the passions.
- Apep: Between March 16 and April 15. They are people of a unique intelligence, tend to be very thrifty and innovative. In love, you are very passionate and accommodating.
- Ptah: Between April 16 and May 15. They are very adventurous, with a great sense of money management. On the loving, very sexual.
- Atum: Between 16 May and 15 June. These people tend to get bored very easily, so living in post to achieve their dreams. In love, are seductive and the heart is through his eyes rather than from the heart.
- Isis: Between June 16 and July 15. They are people with a great sense mother, tender and generous. In love, are very romantic.
- Ra: from 16 July to 15 August. They are outgoing, cheerful, with sense of leadership. In need of love a person you admire, without this there is no flame.
- Horus: Between August 16 and September 15. They are very hardworking and responsible, and they like to go unnoticed. In love, people are sensual and passionate.
- Maat: Between October 16 and November 15. Intuitive observers are people with a great sense of justice. In love, very romantic and idealistic.
- Hathor: Between 16 November and 15 December. They are sensual persons, with great capacity to love, cheerful and friendly. In love, I want a person that will stimulate them.
- Anubis: Between December 16 and January 15. Patients are people, and great gift of eloquence. In love, they are intense and passionate.

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